Id and Legal Shield

Smart, simple legal coverage for Seniors starts here.

Protect your family or business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield.

About Identity Shield

Identity theft impacts millions of people each year. Criminals are using a variety of scams & hacks to collect & steal your personal information. Dark web, social and identity and credit monitoring are all part of our service. Should your identity be stolen, we offer full restoration services as part of our membership plans.  Plans start at $9.95/mo. ($24.95/mo for family)

About Legal Shield

We’re taking legal representation and making some revisions— in the form of accessible, affordable, full service coverage. Finally, you can live life knowing you have a law firm in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn’t emptying it.  Plans start at 24.95/mo. ($39 for business)

Jordan H. Tobin
LegalShield Independent Associate

legal shield Includes

Free will preparation and phone consultation by an estate planning attorney, Free Durable Power of Attorney , Free Living will, Free Health Care Power of Attorney, and more benefits

ID Shield Protection

Protection against Identity theft, especially medical. If anything happens, our clients have 24/7/365 day access to private licensed investigators, employed by us who do all of the restoration work for you.

Protection For Seniors

Affordable protection especially in these areas regarding Seniors. We are the only risk management company that provides this service.


LegalShield Independent Associate

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