Mission: The mission of the Senior Service Resources as a 501 C 3 charitable organization is to work to provide advice, resources, and solutions to serve seniors with the issues they face.  

Vision: We are building an exclusive network of professional resources to serve the senior community.

Our Commitment: Each member of the Senior Services Resource Group (SSR) listens to seniors’ concerns, searches for solutions and works to solve virtually any problem that seniors and families face by making use of their resources and skills.

Our Core Values: 

Act with integrity, our organization is built on Doing the Right Thing. The members and staff of the SSR understand that Accountability makes us stronger. The Growth of our organization stems from the integrity of each member and staff in their actions inside and outside of the SSR. Each individual involved with the SSR is required to maintain high integrity in their personal and business practices.  

 Service is everything, the individuals of the SSR are Servant leaders filled with Generosity and Care for the senior population. Our Advocacy and Passion come from The empathy we have to help Seniors receive the resources they need.   

 Continuous Learning, The individuals of the SSR foster Collaboration to provide the advice and solutions needed in the Senior Market. Our organization collaborates around the Education needed to help nonprofits, businesses, and individuals serve each other and seniors in the community.

 Respect with Dignity is our responsibility to ultimately help seniors and the community at large be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. Our members and staff act in compliance with morality, ethics, and the law. We are Compassionate about developing a sense of self-respect and self-worth in others.

 Listening First when CommunicatingRelationships are built on listening first. To be an Ambassador for businesses that serve in the senior community requires our members and staff to listen when others are speaking. We believe Communication is a commitment to give value to another’s words and ideas. We Listen to hear – not just to respond in a culture that’s empowering. The feeling that we’re in this together builds a sense of common purpose.